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  19/12/18 1752 Gordon Texas, USA  
Does anyone know of any Nikon YS-11 models out there? Minimum of 1/100 scale and decals a big plus. E-Mail
  22/11/18 1751 Paul UK  
Decals for sale. See List. Please note that this list will not be updated so it is possible items may sell out. E-Mail
  11/11/18 1750 Steve Poland   WANTED: Models of the British Aerospace Advanced Turboprop ( BAe ATP). Models in any scale and livery (real or proposed) considered, but must be in excellent condition and preferably with original stand. Box not important. Also interested in anything else to do with ATP, such as brochures, official photos etc. E-Mail
  07/11/18 1749 Dean USA  
I am looking for a set of decals for a 1960's Alitalia DC-8 cast aluminum model in 1/50 scale. Made by Fond. Nucci in Rome, Italy. Dimensions are approximately 36" by 36". Also need a stand. E-Mail
  28/10/18 1748 Vernon Australia  
Wanted Concorde 1/36-1/50 scale, any livery in original condition, will arrange pickup worldwide. E-Mail
  18/08/18 1747 Wolfgang Germany  
Looking for Hawker Siddeley H.S. 121 Trident ashtray and small scale models. Especially of the Trident Two version and from non BEA/BA customers like Channel Airways, PIA, CAAC, Kuwait etc. Have a number of interesting and rare models available as trade objects. E-Mail
  13/08/18 1746 Joey USA  
Looking for this TWA Pacmin 1/60th 707-100B model that Sold on 4/12/14 on eBay. If anyone knows where this model is, please let me know, I am interested in it. Thanks!  E-Mail
  07/08/18 1745 John Northern California 94065, USA  
For Sale, Die-cast Display Model in the original packaging never opened, in mint condition. P-51 Mustang QI-B “DoDo” Flown by Captain Clinton Burdick, 361st, 356th FG, 8th USAAF, England, 1944 (Special Edition). HA7720a.
  06/08/18 1744 Gordon Georgetown, TX USA  
Purchased a Verkuyl FH227 1/50 scale that is missing the prop spinners. Checking to see if there are any out there before I machine some. E-Mail
  25/07/18 1743 Remco The Netherlands  
I am looking for a Pacmin 1/100 scale United Airlines Boeing 787-9. E-Mail
  27/06/18 1742 Francois France  
Looking for 1/24e Concorde cutaway in good condition or for restoration. Pay good price. E-Mail
  20/06/18 1741 Jonathan MA, USA  
Looking for 1/36 or larger Boeing 707 cut-away, any model, any livery, any condition. Will pay fair price. E-Mail
  04/06/18 1740 Peter Canberra, Australia   I am looking for 4 props to suit a metal 1/90 scale Lockheed Electra L-188 display model. If you have any or could provide advice on where I could find them would be appreciated. E-Mail
  10/05/18 1739 Alexander Texas, USA  
Looking for airplane models from Olympic Airlines or Olympic Aviation or Olympic Airways. This was the national carrier of Greece back in the day. Interested in every model and size. E-Mail
  04/05/18 1738 Scott USA  
I am interested in cast aluminum military models, trench art models (that are relatively accurate) and any of the FOMAER models.....mainly in the 1/50-1/60 scale range but all pics are welcome of similar scales. E-Mail
  29/04/18 1737 Georgios -  
I am looking for any large scale models of Olympic Airways or Airlines. E-Mail
  29/04/18 1736 Dino Michigan, USA  
Looking for a Northwest Airlines or NW Orient cutaway model. Prefer a 747, Dc10 or 727, but will be open to any aircraft type or size in this scheme. I'm willing to pay a very fair price for this model.
  03/04/18 1735 Gordon Texas, USA  
Looking for a Vekuyl Hansa Jet model. Looking for a model to restore so can be a total blank or one in poor shape. Have several trade possibilities. E-Mail
  25/03/18 1734 Chris UK  
I am looking to swap my two Austrian Airlines Boeing 777 200 1/100 models both in old and new Livery for a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in 1/100 or larger scale if one exists. I have the original boxes and would be happy to post or collection at my address in London. E-Mail
  12/03/18 1733 Gordon Texas, USA  
Seeking the purchase of a 1/72 scale IL-62 model, preferably in Aeroflot scheme. E-Mail
10/03/18 1732 Yinnon Israel  
Looking for Boeing 767-300 1/36 or close made of fiberglass, in any condition/brand. E-Mail
18/02/18 1731 Rick Canada  
 I'm after a large scale Northrop Gamma like in the attached photo. E-Mail
  02/02/18 1730 Lowell Nevada, USA  
 Looking for a set of 1/72 scale engines and pylons for a DC-8. E-Mail
01/02/18 1729 Charles USA  
 WANTED: Jet-X 1/100 Scale Hawaiian Airlines B-717 Model. E-Mail
  18/01/18 1728 Denis Bern
Looking for 1:50 Raise Up (or other) metal model from Swissair (DC 7; CV 990; Caravelle, Metropolitan). If someone has interest I have a B747 and a DC-10 hard plastic model (Swissair, 1:25, with stand) to put in a trade. E-Mail
  04/01/18 1727 Dean USA  
I am looking for a set of propellers for a 1/50 FDM DC-6B. Would like all 4 propellers and any lead on where to purchase a stand. Here is a photo of the two I ownE-Mail




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