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  10/01/24 1840 Gordon TX, USA   Searching for a 1/20 scale Boeing 737-200. Either a blank or model needing restoration. Plan is to refinish into  Southwest. I have a 1/20 scale B737-300 in SWA Lone Star One and want a -200 to hang next to it. E-Mail
  06/01/24 1839 Mark USA   Looking for any TOPPING/ROLEN/PRECISE F-104 models in NATO/Alied colors. E-Mail
  06/01/24 1838 Mark USA   Looking for one or more spare Air-Jet Advance black or white? unmarked 1:200 airliner model stands. Best if the hub swivel+pip assembly is also included. E-Mail
  01/01/24 1837 Dave Everett WA USA   I am selling the majority of my PacMin collection. Nearly 300 models for sale including many very hard to find and rare models, mostly 1/100 or 1/50 scale - but others as well. Almost everything is mint in the box. Please email me if interested. E-Mail
  24/12/23 1836 Arif Houston, TX, USA   I have an extensive collection of boxed, never displayed models for sale from early Inflight & Herpa including Japan domestic market (JDM) ANA Hogan models, all in 1:200 scale. E-Mail
  10/12/23 1835 Dave  Seattle, WA USA   I am looking for the following models:-

1. 1/60 PacMin Alaska "Salmon" 737-400 model
2. 1/50 PacMin Alaska "Disneyland" 737-400 model
3. 1/60 PacMin ANA 737-200 "Mohican" model

  02/08/23 1834 Jan Sweden   Looking for a Westway plastic Boeing 727 model in the scale of 1/50 for a restoration project. The dimentions are, length 97 cm and wing span in 70 cm. Original stand supposed to be included. E-mail
  15/07/23 1833 Julian Berlin, Germany   I am looking for an original Iran Air Concorde model (Westway etc). E-Mail
  05/07/23 1832 Dave  Seattle, WA USA   I am looking for the following three models:

1/100 PacMin American (AA) Boeing 747SP
1/100 PacMin Boeing 767-400ER "Leading the Way" World Tour Scheme
1/100 PacMin ANA Panda Jet 767-300ER

  25/06/23 1831 Louis France   Looking for the Pacmin 1:100 Star Wars ANA Jets family. It includes the 767 R2-D2/BB-8, the 787 R2-D2, the 77W BB-8 and the 772 C-3PO. E-Mail
  04/06/23 1830 Khaled Doha, Qatar   Looking for B767-200 and B747-400 House Colors by PACMIN all 1/100 scale. E-Mail
  28/04/23 1829 David  Switzerland and USA   Looking for EL AL vintage models from 1948 to the 1990s. Especially wanted: travel agency models of Constellation, Britannia, 707, 742, 732, 757, 767. E-Mail
  27/03/23 1828 Randolf Switzerland   WANTED: Propeller / Props for 1/48 Scale Lockheed Constellation by Verkuyl. I need all 4 props for my Verkuyl Constellaton. 1 Prop is also fine, I can use it as a sample to make the other 3. However, if someone could measure the length of the blade to the spinner that would also help. E-Mail
  05/01/23 1827 Richard  -   I am looking for, Space Models (London England) Stand for the the CL-600 or CL-604 Challenger.
6.5 inches length. Height is 5.5 inches. Two pin in the platform. If anyone has one for sale please contact me. E-Mail
  21/12/22 1826 Dave Seattle, USA  
I am looking for a PacMin 1/100 Boeing 747-8F Freighter in the Boeing Seahawks livery (version #1 or #2, or both). Prefer in mint shape with the PacMin box! If you have one or both for sale, please email me, thank you! E-Mail
  02/12/22 1825 Scott  -   I am looking for a couple of stands for the Bronzeart series of airplanes. I need one of the large stands for a F-89 Scorpion, I also need three of the smaller stands for various other Bronzeart plans. If you have any for sale or trade, please contact me. E-Mail
  18/11/22 1824 Dave Seattle, USA   I am looking for a PacMin USAirways A321 1/100 model in the dark blue colors and a PacMin USAirways A319 “Star Alliance Logos” 1/100 model.  If you have either one for sale, please send me an email. E-Mail
  24/10/22 1823 Jon  -   Looking to trade or buy a Gulfstream GII model. E-Mail
  20/10/22 1822 Joe  Minneapolis, MN, USA   New in box Pacmin 787-8 NWA last livery, 1/100 scale, $400.
New in box Pacmin 747-400 NWA last livery, 1/100, $700.  E-Mail
  14/10/22 1821 Milos  Serbia   Looking for mint (no yellowing) 1/100 Boeing 707s made by Executive Display Models (Brian Tomkins): Air Seychelles, MEA, etc... . E-Mail
  30/08/22 1820 Scott  Melbourne Australia   I’m looking for any larger scale 1/100 and above Ansett and TAA models. DC-9, 737, 727, A300, 767 in any condition as well as any Scalecraft Models NZ decals for these airlines. E-Mail
  27/08/22 1819 Scott  Melbourne Australia   Looking for a few blank models, 1:50/60 727-100/200, 1:72 737-200/300, 1:72 DC9-30, 1/100 757-200. E-Mail
  16/08/22 1818 Joey  USA   Wanted - Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200. E-Mail
  24/06/22 1817 Robert Seattle USA   Looking for an original Pacmin or Allyn model of a USAF KC-135. E-Mail
  22/06/22 1816 Milos Serbia   Available to order 1:60th scale MALEV B737-800 resin models (regular HA-LOK and oneworld livery HA-LOU). Delivery period 10-12 weeks. PayPal payment. Photos attached. E-Mail
  16/06/22 1815 Felix -   Looking for Northrop HL-10 Lifting Body (official model) see picture. E-Mail
  22/04/22 1814 Todd MA, USA   Looking for an original stand, correct propellers, and restoration information for a Raise Up Aer Lingus (Aerlinte Eirann) Super Constellation. E-Mail
  17/04/22 1813 Luis Spain   I am looking for a Boeing 747-400, United Airlines (former grey and blue livery) or Northwest Airlines (former red, grey and white livery), in 1/50 or 1/72 scale. In the best possible condition. E-Mail
  21/03/22 1812 Wolfgang Germany   Looking for Vickers Viscount models in the colors of Lufthansa and Condor Flugdienst. E-Mail
  05/03/22 1811 Johan Sweden   Looking for a original stand for my Westway Models De haviland Comet 4 model. Should look like the picture. E-Mail
  21/01/22 1810 Rick USA   Looking for horizontal stabilizer for Raise Up B-727 1/144 scale model. E-Mail
  06/01/22 1809 Frank N. Carolina
  Looking to buy or trade for an Eastern Airlines Verkuyl Lockheed JetStar model. E-Mail
  05/01/22 1808 Don Alberta, Canada   Wish to purchase replacement metal propellers for 1/50 DFM DC-6B. E-Mail

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