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1/24 British Aerospace 146-100 Sideloading Tactical Airlifter.


A fine exhibition standard wood and composition static scale model of the BAe STA (a proposed military conversion of the BAe 146QT cargo aircraft.) Manufactured by Space Models, London, in 1988-89.

  Fully functional, hinged lifting cargo door with swivel-out ramp and folding extensions with retractable wheel ramp support.
  43.25 in (110 cm) wingspan with detachable wings for shipping.
  Air opening sliding door for paratroopers.
  Internal lighting via 115/240 volt transformer with fuse, arranged to operate from a mains electricity socket.
  See-through cutaway Plexiglas fuselage panel.
  Complete with numerous models of military stores and accessories including netted equipment boxes on pallets, vehicles, spare turbofan engine, 
   loading crew and other diorama components.
  Four-wheel main undercarriage and twin nose wheels.

  Refueling probe.

  Engraved control surfaces throughout.
  Painted in military grey and green 3-tone camouflage.
  This one-of-a-kind model ships complete with all accessories in its original manufacturer's transit crate.

This model was displayed at the 1989 Paris Air Show, along with the STA demonstrator aircraft. No firm production orders were forthcoming, so this fine model remains as an historic reminder of what might have been.

Length approx 43" (110cm).